Somanga Gas Plant is found in Lindi Region Kilwa District at Somanga Fungu Village, its construction started in 2007 being funded by World Bank with the aim of supplying power to people living along the gas pipe line so as to speed up the development of the area, the plant uses natural gas as a source of fuel that comes from Songosongo Island.


Somanga Gas Plant started generation on 14th August, 2010 and was officially inaugurated by the president of the united republic of Tanzania his Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on 16th August, 2010.


The plant is 100% operated by Tanesco, and there are three Generating units i.e. Jenbacher Engines each with a capacity of 2.5MW making an installed capacity of 7.5MW, the available capacity is 5MW for two generating units no.1&2, the generating unit no.3 is waiting for maintenance, the maximum demand to date is 2.43 MW.

Somanga Gas Plant is an isolated power plant, it supplies power to Kilwa and Rufiji Districts Head Quarters including potential commercial centers like Kilwa Kivinje, Nangurukuru, Somanga,Muhoro, Ikwiriri, Kibiti and Bungu Village through two feeders of 33kV which are Kilwa feeder and Ikwiriri feeder.