a) Name of the plant:-

        - Mafia power Station

b) Short History of the plant.

- 1970 -  Start of Power Station by using Dutch engine
- 1972 -  Two generator each of 340 kW of Black stone start operation
- 1987 -  Tanesco add caterpillar Generator .
- 1989 -  Both of the sets ran under 50% of their capacity due to that fact Tanesco decided to install another two new geneators Wartsila 424TS.

- 2010 -  Demand was increased in Mafia therefore Tanesco decided to add two Generators Ex - Njombe 624 Wartsila.To-date the Plant have an installed                    capacity of 2180 KW. The maximum demand is approximately 2200 kW.

c) Operation and maintenance 

- Working by Tanesco staffs .

d) Future plans

- TANESCO is in a process of investing in wind mill – 5000 kW and Solar Power of 2000 kW.

e) Project cost and financing.
         -  No data.