The construction of Mpanda Power Station started in 1989 for three Wartsila Generating Sets 624TS. It was inaugurated by Honorable Dr. Salmin Amour the vice president of United Republic of Tanzania and President of Zanzibar on 8th February 1993. The project was funded by the Government of Tanzania.


Mpanda Power station started to generate electricity in November 1992 with one Generating Set (Gen Set No.1) whereas demand was 10kW, in 1993 Gen Set No. 3 was connected to the system due to increase of demand, in 1994 Gen Set No. 2 was also connected. Due to increase of demand 2010 and 2014 two Generator Sets were installed Wartsila 624TS and CAT C32ACERT respectively.


Mpanda Power Station is installed with five diesel fired engines, four Wartsila Engines 624TS and CAT C32ACERT making a total installed capacity of 3.176MW, for time being the available capacity is 2.640 MW.

Mpanda Power Station supplies power to Mpanda Municipal and part of Mlele district

The station is operated and maintained by qualified Tanesco staffs.