The construction of Sumbawanga power station started in 2010. The project was funded by the Government of Tanzania . The foundation stone was laid by the fourth President of the United Republic of Tanzania his Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on 18th June, 2010.


Sumbawanga power station started to generate electricity in October 2011.


Sumbawanga power station is installed with four diesel fired ABC- 8DZC engines, each with a capacity of 1.25MW making a total installed capacity of 5MW, and the available capacity is also 5MW.

Sumbawanga power station supplies power to Sumbawanga Municipal and its districts of Kalambo and Nkasi.

Currently Sumabawanga region is getting power from Mbala – Zambia, therefore most of the time the station is on standby, runs only when power from Zambia goes off.

The station is operated and maintained by qualified Tanesco staff.