Tunduru Power Station is located at Tunduru District, in Ruvuma region. The plant uses Liquid fuel to generate electricity which is supplied to Tunduru town and neighboring villages.


Tunduru Power Station was inaugurated by His Excellency Ally H. Mwinyi, the 2nd President of the Republic of Tanzania on 08.9.1991.


The plant is 100% operated by TANESCO with four Generators whose installed capacity is 2,068 kW, i.e. Wartisila 424TS set number 1 and 2 are 350 kW and Wartsila 624TS Set number 3 and 4 are 656 kW and 712 kW respectively. However, out of 4 Generators, 3 Generators are available with total capacity of 1,350kW, i.e 2 Wartisila 624 are 550 kW each and one Wartisila 424 is 250 kW. Set N01 Wartisila 424 not running due to shaft break and Control Panel Caniberlized.

The plant has one 11 kV feeder, which is town feeder, and 33 kV which is REA Feeder.

Future plan is to install a new generator set with at list 1.25 MW in order to facilitate REA feeder customers.