Kihansi Hydro Plant is located along the Udzungwa escarpment about 200 km by road southwest of the Kidatu Power Plant. Kihansi Power Plant is arun-off-the-river type. The topographic feature permits the economic development of a hydro plant by providing the high head needed for a relatively low flow.

A low concrete gravity dam diverts the river flow into a vertical unlined intake shaft, 500 m deep. The shaft connects to a unlined headrace tunnel sloping at 1:7 down to the steel penstock.

The excavated cavern (power house) in the mountain has 3 units driven by Pelton turbines each with a generation capacity of 60 MW, making a total of 180 MW. The turbine discharged water is evacuated through a tailrace tunnel and an open-cut canal into the existing Kilombero river system.

Our Business goals and Objectives
  • Improvement of plant safety and performance
  • Improve communication and enhance IT
  • Improve and enhance teamwork
  • Improve staff performance
  • Ensure continuous manpower development
  • Strive to minimize environment destruction

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